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Highlights of 2015:
Since 9/1/2015 922 familes got food from our Food Pantry.

A total of 27 people made a committment to the Lord during the Food Pantry Service.

Around 18 people were saved through our Prision Ministry.

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse certified our church as a Recovery Congregation because of offering Celebrate Recovery to our community. You can learn more about CR by clicking on the Community Ministry menu button.

Events from 2016:
1/5/2016 - At our Celebrate Recovery meeting, 4 people accepted Christ and He became their true "higher power". They also entered into a new future as they apply the 12 steps and 8 Biblical principles of CR.

1/30/2016 - Gave away about 17,000 lbs of food to 140 families at the food pantry today. We had one person accept Christ, one make a recommittment to Christ, and one person was healed.

1/31/2016 - After an awesome worship service,  Pastor Roxie gave a dynamic sermon today. One person in the church was Baptized in water.

2/7/2016 - Today we dedicated 3 wonderful babies. I love dedicating babies to Lord.

2/10/2016 - Despite the snow and ice, around 56 families got food at the food pantry today.

2/21/2016 - This Sunday was youth Sunday and the Youth did a great job conducting the service. They were especially good at doing their skit communicating the faithfullness of Christ. We also dedicated two more babies during the service. What a blessing to dedicate the twins to the Lord Jesus Christ.

2/24/2016 - Today 56 families got food from the food pantry.

3/11/2016 - Over 190 people got food from the food pantry ministry today. I am amazed at how the Lord continues to provide for all those people. He is awesome indeed!

Easter Sunday - We had over 100 people attend the service and one person was saved during the service.  it was also reported that one person in the prision ministry was saved.

4/13/2016 - About 91 families got food from our 2nd Wednesday food pantry service. Our food pantry service focused on healing and I am looking forward to hearing testimonies as to what God did during the service.

4/22/2016 - About 161 families got food from our mobile food pantry today. It is amazing to see our parking lot full of cars, even overflowing to the grass next to the lot. God has really blessed our country with food, and there is absolutely no reason that anyone should go hungry in our nation.

4/24/2016 - Today one member of our youth group was water baptized. What a wonderful step of faith for a teen to make before the whole church. Congratulations!

5/11/2016 - Our food pantry served about 85 people today. God continues to bless us with food and provisions.

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Guest Book
We welcome our guests to sign our Guest Book. Just click on the Connections button at the top menue and leave us a comment.

Food Pantry Schedule
Regular Food Pantries will be on the following dates and times:
  • The 2nd Wednesday at 3:30 pm
  • The 4th Tuesday at 3:30 pm
Pastor's 25th Year Celebration
On July 3rd, Pastor Jerry and Roxie will celebrate 25 years of ministry at Abundant Life Assembly of God. Please join us for this special service. Our guest speaker will be Rev. Terry Baily who is the district superintendent.  A dinner will be served after the main service and all are welcome to attend.
Men's Meetings
Men's Fellowship meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 8:00 AM. The meetings consist of breakfast and fellowship.

The GriefShare group is meeting in the Prayer Chapel on Fridays at 6pm for 13 weeks. If you know anyone who has lost a loved one and is dealing with the grief of the loss, please tell them about the GriefShare group. To register for the group, please call Pastor Jerry Jochem at 931-636-1120 . Everyone is welcome.
NewComers Group
If you want to become a member of our church, you need to attend at least 3 Newcomers group meetings. These meetings are at my house after church and dinner is served. These are just fellowship times so that you can get to know me and find out a bit more about the church and I can get to know you and find out how I can be your pastor. These groups are held once a month and because of Roxie being on chemotherapy, we have not had one for the last several months.
Our next Newcomes group will be on May 15th immediately after the church service. If you want to attend, please let me know. We need to know so we know how much food to prepare

Internet Tithe and Contributions
To Tithe or give a donation to the church, click the "Give" button below. Be sure to have your credit card ready. Once the transaction is approved you will be notified. Select the fund that you want to give into, but I would suggest giving to the General Fund normally. We will record your giving for the end-of-year tax purposes. If you have any questions, ask Pastor Jerry.
Special Guest Speaker
On May 22nd we will have a special guest speaker for the Sunday Morning Service. Mr. Bill Robertson will give a message about faithfullness from the Lord and in the church. In Bill's own words as to why he would like to come to our church: "has to do with a message that I believe that God has given me for the Body of Christ. It has to do with our call to faithfulness in the midst of a world that is falling apart. I have developed this message in my latest book, "Faithful Father - Faithful Bride"
Please make plans to be there on May 22nd to hear this man of God and this important message.
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