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Highlights of 2015:
Since 9/1/2015 922 familes got food from our Food Pantry.

A total of 27 people made a committment to the Lord during the Food Pantry Service.

Around 18 people were saved through our Prision Ministry.

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse certified our church as a Recovery Congregation .

Highlights of 2016
Salvations        =   34
Recommitments = 14
                   Total = 48
Water Baptisms =   11
Spirit Baptisms  =    5
Baby Dedications =   5
Miracle Healings =     7
Food Boxes         = 1,800

1/11/2017- Great way to start the year with giving out 213 boxes of food at the Food Pantry today.

1/24/2017 - Had an amazing Food Pantry yesterday. Well over 85 boxes of food given out, 3 salvations, 2 re-commitments, and one reported healing. Thank you Lord.

2/8/2017 - We gave out 66 boxes of food today and several came forward for prayer. Thank you Jesus for your provision.

2/25/2017 - We had over 170 boxes of food given out during our first mobile pantry today. Had a total attendance of about 200 people.

3/1/2017 - We had nearly 100 people attend the Ash Wednesday service hosted by our church. It was a blessed service.

3/8/2017 - Thanks to the food pantry crew, we gave out over 50 boxes of food today. In addition 2 people got saved at the service.

3/28/2017 - 75 boxes of food given out at our food pantry. Our service was well attended and appreciated.

4/12/2017 - 80 boxes of food were given out at today's food pantry.

4/14/2017 - Had a wonderful Seder meal celebration tonight. About 70 people attended the service and we had a good time of fellowship and learning about Jesus.

5/6/2017 - The food pantry gave out 180 boxes of food today and there was one salvation as well. Really blessed by the Lord.

6/14/2017 - A total of 90 families got food at the food pantry today.

6/27/2017 - The food pantry gave out 92 boxes of food, and there was one slavation during the service.

7/16/2017 - Had an awesome "overflow" serivce tonight. The focus was on healing and we saw a number of people healed and trained in the healing gifts.

8/2/2017 - A total of 85 families got food boxes today.

8/20/2017 - We had a wonderful Overflow service with everyone being touched by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit manifested His power and the amazing presence of Jesus Christ to all present. Our next overflow service will be on Sept 24th at 6 pm and will focus on prayer and the Gift of Prophecy. Come join us for this meeting.

8/22/2017 - Once again we gave out food to around 85 families today. God just continues to bless and provide for our food pantry ministry.

10/22/2017 - Had an awesome overflow service with two people being Baptized in the Holy Spirit and numerous people anointed to work in the Spiritual Gifts.

9/02/2017 - For the last two food pantries, we gave out 180 boxes of food.

10/17/2017 - During the last two food pantries, 180 boxes of food were distributed and one person was saved.

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Nursery Schedule

Click Here to see the Nursery Schedule

Food Pantry Schedule

New time for the Food Pantry.
Service starts at 2:00     PM
Food Distribution starts - 2:30 PM
Food Distribution Ends  - 3:30 PM
No boxes will be given out after 3:30 PM.
The days of the food pantry may also change so come back for an update. Until then the days of food pantry remain as follows:
The 2nd Tuesday at 2:00 pm
The 4th Tuesday at 2:00 pm

Upcoming Events

Every Monday Night

November 19th , 2017 at 6pm
Free Flow of the Gifts

NewComers Group

If you want to become a member of our church, you need to attend at least 3 Newcomers group meetings. These meetings are at my house after church and dinner is served. These are just fellowship times so that you can get to know me and find out a bit more about the church and I can get to know you and find out how I can be your pastor.
If you want to attend, please let me know. We need to know so we know how much food to prepare.

Sunday School
Names of God
8:00 AM in the Prayer Chapel

Internet Tithe and Contributions
To Tithe or give a donation to the church, click the "Give" button below. Be sure to have your credit card ready. Once the transaction is approved you will be notified. Select the fund that you want to give into, but I would suggest giving to the General Fund normally. We will record your giving for the end-of-year tax purposes. If you have any questions, ask Pastor Jerry.

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