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Pastors Jerry and Roxie Jochem
Church Board
Jerry and Roxie Jochem have been pastors of Abundant Life Church since 1991. Their focus of ministry has been to equip and enable their church members to serve the Lord, and to give the Holy Spirit total control of the church and its services. Originally members of Liberty Fellowship, Pastors Jerry and Roxie joined the Assembly of God Fellowship in 2008. Pastor Jerry is ordained through AG, but also holds the Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Mississippi, and a Masters Degree in Bible Studies from Liberty Bible College in Pensacola. Pastor Roxie is a licensed minister with AG and is co-pastor with Pastor Jerry
From Left to Right: Jerry and Elizabeth Padgett, Hugh and Cindy Hodges, Brad Allis, Annette Humprhies, Jim Masters, and Don and Bethany Johnson.
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